Caribbean Report 01-07-2003



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:10)
2. The United States declares 50 countries ineligible for military aid if they do not grant American soldiers immunity from prosecution at the international criminal court (00:11-02:37)
3. In preparation for CARICOM’s annual summit in Jamaica, its leaders are holding a private retreat in Ocho Rios. Issues being debated regarding the international criminal court as well as the Caribbean Court are expected to engage the attention of Caribbean leaders at this meeting (02:38-05:13)
4. MPs in Antigua and Barbuda hold a short meeting in the capital’s Parliament to set the stage for general elections. It is intended to deflect a no-confidence motion in Prime Minister Lester Bird. Demonstrators outside of Parliament are in support of such a motion and express their annoyance with the presence of riot police (05:14-10:23)
5. ‘Reporters Without Borders’, a group that campaigns for a free press and journalists’ rights, warns travellers to Cuba to reflect on human rights abuses during the time spent on the island. Regis Bourget, Head of the Americas desk of ‘Reporters Without Borders’ in Paris, offers more on this issue (10:24-12:00)
6. Research published in the previous year shows that poorer white school children and black students in England are under achieving in school. These results lend credence to the controversy involving the British Education Department which relates to the lack of progress being made by under achievers (12:01-13:21)
7. New data from the US censor shows that New York City’s Caribbean population has grown in number over the past decade and that its disproportionately female Caribbean community has thrived in the acquisition of jobs and homes even while working in relatively low paying jobs (13:22-15:14)