Caribbean Report 16-05-2000



Table of Contents

1. Headlines: (00:00-00:26)
2. Britain’s Department of International Development is blaming the absence of paediatric care on Montserrat for an advisory barring children under 12 from visiting the island due to the volcanic risk. However, the British government is expected to rectify that problem within weeks. (00:27-03:19)
3. There is a large turn-out for general elections in the Dominican Republic. Over 4,000,000 persons are eligible to vote. (03:20-06:34)
4. An American businessman, Rick Reinert, who imports goods from Europe, is caught up in the trade war between the United States and Europe, and has bitterly denounced the US government for the imposition of increased tariffs on European imports in retaliation for EU price preferences for Caribbean and other bananas. (06:35-10:06)
5. The discovery of a legal loophole in the US embargo against Cuba by the Canadian cruise company, Blythe and Company, has enabled Americans to visit Cuba for the first time in June without prior permission from the US treasury Department. (10:07-12:43)
6. Business opportunities for minorities and women in the United States have been boosted by a $1billion diversity campaign announced by the Coco Cola company. The company has been embroiled in a discrimination law suit with a group of former and current black workers. (12:44-14:10)
7. The US government is announcing how it will spend $36 million this year to end child labour around the world. It is to give $8 million to Caribbean and Latin American countries to end what has been described as an exploitive system. (14:11-15:10)