Caribbean Report 25-06-1990


Haiti’s Finance Minister who was at the centre of a row between the country’s interim president and the Council of State has resigned. The minister’s decision came seventy-two hours after the violent attack on the Council of State in which three people were killed. Secondly, Guyana’s leading opposition parties forming the Patriotic Coalition for Democracy emerged from a weekend meeting without agreeing on a consensus presidential candidate for the next general elections. Dr. Cheddi Jagan insists that he should be the candidate and opposes the consensus presidential candidate put forward by the other parties. Following the Financial News, the Governor of the Bank of Jamaica is in Washington for continued negotiations with the IMF. He contends that dealings with the IMF consumes sixty percent of his time and distracts him from attending to other pressing matters. In the next segment, John Osborne, Montserrat’s Chief Minister, voices his anger over the British changes to the island’s constitution. He charges that the people of Montserrat have been denied the right of a nationality due to the racist stance of the British government. The report concludes with strike action undertaken by the trade union federation of Suriname in protest of the failure of the government to meet the six major demands of the unions.


Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:36)
2. Haiti's controversial Finance Minister resigns in the wake of last week's armed attack on the Council of State. Michael Norton reports Port-au-Prince (00:37-04:06)
3. Guyana's opposition parties fail to select a presidential candidate for the next general elections. Sharief Khan reports from Georgetown (04:07-06:29)
4. Financial News. Roger Pike comments on the breakdown of the nutmeg agreement between Antigua and Indonesia (06:30-08:23)
5. Governor of the Bank of Jamaica states that IMF dealings prevented him from attending to vital concerns. Hugh Crosskill interviews G. Arthur Brown (08:24-11:38)
6. Montserrat's Chief Minister accuses the British government of being racist. Report by Eddie Williams includes comments from John Osborne (11:39-14:14)
7. Trade unions federation in Suriname take strike action (14:15-15:08)