Caribbean Report 27-10-1999

Robertson, Jessica (anchor, correspondent)
The British Broadcasting Corporation
Patterson, P.J. (interviewee)
Bennett-Jones, Owen (speaker)
Ransome, Debbie (correspondent)
Weir, Karen (correspondent)
Cozier, Tony (correspondent)
Gordon, Orin (correspondent)
James, Edison (interviewee)
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The British Broadcasting Corporation
Table of Contents
1. Headlines with anchor Jessica Robertson (00:00 - 00:26)
2. CARICOM spokesperson on banana trade Dominica Prime Minister Edison James discusses European Union move to proposed an arrangement which will satisfy WTO and key players in trade (00:27 - 02:27)
3. CARICOM Heads at 7th special summit in Chaguaramas Trinidad discusses new vision for regional common market and community, transforming CARICOM Secretariat into more dynamic institution with added administrative responsibility, radical change to structure of meeting and ministerial councils. Prime Minister PJ Patterson discusses the programme of action and implementation (02:28– 04:21)
4. Commonwealth delegation to Pakistan reiterates the need for country to restore democracy or face suspension from the organization. BBC Owen Bennett-Jones reports on the fact finding mission of foreign ministers (04:22 – 06:14)
5. In the aftermath of hurricane Mitch which killed 15,000 and left million homeless in Central America reporters review the long term effects including rise in crime and domestic violence. Malcolm Rogers senior policy officer at Christian Aid discusses aftermath of the hurricane and effects on Honduras (06:15 – 08:45)
6. A memorial service was held in Guyana to commemorate loss of cruise ship MV Fantome at sea. Loss of lives for 31 crew members. Debbie Ransome interviews families of the victims (08:46 – 11:26)
7. In Kingston Jamaica a Commission of Enquiry into the escape of twenty three maximum security prisoners is currently being conducted. Karen Weir reports on the outbreak (11:27 – 13:18)
8. Jamaica and Bermuda kick of one day Red Stripe one day cricket competition in St. Catherine Jamaica. Orin Gordon reviews the career of fast bowler Courtney Walsh and his bid to take the record of capturing the most wickets. Tony Cozier comments (13:19 – 15:31)