Caribbean Report 21-03-1989

Table of Contents
1. Headlines (00:00-00:41)
2. Jamaican’s PM Michael Manley meets with foreign news journalists as he wraps up his visits to the United States and Canada where he met with political and financial leaders from President George Bush to the Head of the IMF. Adrian Porter interviews Michael Manley (00:42-03:56)
3. Financial News - The major importers of Caribbean bananas, GEEST, announce their profit margins increase of almost a third. Food analyst Gerry Evans is interviewed. Leonard van Geest is also interviewed (03:57-08:16)
4. The joint Cuban, Angolan and South African Monitoring Commission meet in Havana and delegates report on the implementation of the South-West African Peace Accord which was signed in December 1988. Lionel Martin reports (08:17-09:55)
5. More than one hundred countries, 12 from the Caribbean and South America met in Basel, Switzerland to try and form an international convention to control the trade in toxic waste. Christopher Powell’s report includes an interview with Panamanian, Jorge Illueca (09:56-12:49)
6. British Commonwealth middleweight boxing champion Nigel Benn, whose parents are from Barbados will meet arch rival Michael Watson in a grudge match in London. Nigel Benn is interviewed by Steve May (12:50-15:01)