Caribbean Report 24-08-1989



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:40-01:15)
2. A British court rules that white families should not adopt black children. Opinions were sourced by June Kelly from persons, some employed with government social services and others with fostering agencies. They include Dave Townsend, Joan Lester and David Divine (01:16-04:50)
3. Accusations in the US that Raul Castro, Defence Minister and successor to the President is directly involved in drug trafficking, alledgedly cocaine. Jerry Timmins gives details and Allan Tomlinson reports from Florida. Other reactions come from Brian Pollitt, Lecturer at Glasglow University and Wayne Smith, a former US ambassador to Cuba (04:51-08:54)
4. Financial news - As the last item , British package tours to the Caribbean are likely to cost up to fifteen percent more this winter. Pat Whitehorne interviews Bruce Jones, Ledger Analyst (08:55-10:33)
5. To make money or to make merry, that is the central question facing Europe's biggest street festival, the annual Notting Hill Carnival. Pat Whitehorne interviews Colin Francis, Britain's highest black civil servant and member of the new committee, about how much money this twenty-fourth Carnival can generate (10:34-13:50)
6. The highlight of this year's Notting Hill Carnival is the performance by the Mighty Sparrow, Calypso King of the World. Pat Whitehorne reports on an interview with him (13:51-15:25)