Caribbean Report 30-07-1991

Table of Contents
1. Headlines (00:00-00:29)
2. The five Grenadians expected to be hung today for the murder of former Prime Minister Maurice Bishop won a last minute reprieve. The Grenada Court of Appeal granted a one week stay of execution to consider a motion filed by the defendants’ lawyers. The stay of execution has also delayed Grenada’s return to the East Caribbean Supreme Court, as stated by the court’s Chief Justice Lascelles Robotham. The death sentence of the convicted has also been referred to the American Convention of Human Rights which prohibits capital punishment for political crimes. Former US Attorney General, Ramsey Clarke, is optimistic that the government of Grenada will lean on the side of the arguments of the human rights activists. Opinions from the man-on-the-street in Grenada are also reported (00:30-07:12)
3. Roger La Fontante and 18 persons are sentenced to life imprisonment in Haiti for their involvement in an attempted coup in January 1991. Mike Jarvis spoke to reporter Michael Norton about the trial that produced a verdict in one day and the future of the Tonton Macoute in Haiti (07:13-09:42)
4. St. Vincent’s Prime Minister speaks publicly for the first time on the calls for the resignation of the Police Commissioner, Randolph Toussaint, due to allegations of misconduct in office. Colin Williams reports from Kingstown that the Prime Minister withholds any further comments until Mr. Toussaint returns to St. Vincent to answer to the charges against him (09:43-11:29)
5. The case of the division of the estate of Bob Marley amongst the surviving relatives has been postponed until 28th October. Gary Allen reports from Kingston (11:30-13:14)
6. A lawyer in Curacao is on a hunger strike to protest brutality and human rights abuses in the police force. Eddie Williams reports (13:15-14:52)