Caribbean Report 22-06-1990


Haitian workers are expected to support a one-day stoppage in protest of yesterday’s armed attack on the meeting of the country’s Council of State. Four Gunmen opened fire on the members of the Council of State killing one union leader and wounding a Council member. Witnesses claim that the gunmen were seeking to assassinate the president of the Council of State, Roy Louis, and Dr. Louis’ wife confirms that she was warned of an attempt to kill her husband. Secondly, the president of the Dominican Republic, Joaquin Balaguer, removes the Governor of the Central Bank and the government sues several hotels for refusing to change the foreign currency at the official rate. Following the Financial News, a group of senior government officials, academics and leading Commonwealth businessmen recently concluded a meeting in London which considered the impact of global economic and political changes on developing countries. The meeting was chaired by the Governor of the Bank of Jamaica who also comments on the Jamaican debt burden and the economic future of Jamaica.


Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:36)
2. The wife of the president of Haiti's Council of States says that she was warned of an attempt to kill her husband. Interview with Michaele Roy, wife of Dr. Louis Roy (00:37-04:51)
3. Changes in the foreign exchange laws in the Dominican Republic have angered the stakeholders in the tourist industry. Jean Michel Caroit reports (04:52-06:35)
4. Financial News (06:36-07:25)
5. Governor of the Bank of Jamaica chides foreign and local investors over unwillingness to take risk. Hugh Crosskill interviews G. Arthur Brown (07:06-13:57)
6. Ronnie Brunswick, leader of Suriname's Jungle Commando, still under house arrest in Paris (13:58-15:04)