Caribbean Report 07-08-1996



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:35)
2. British Nuclear Fuels defend shipping through the Caribbean and Caricom says that its hands are tied by international laws. Prime Minister Lester Bird is interviewed (00:36-06:50)
3. Concerns continue in Trinidad and Tobago by the number of street children exported and used in pornographic films. Tony Fraser reports (06:51-09:11)
4. In Guyana the Director of Public Prosecutions has recommended that the second in command of the country's army is to be charged with larceny. Colonel Godwin McPherson is interviewed and Colin Smith reports (09:12-11:02)
5. The former Secretary General of the Commonwealth Sir Shridath Ramphal and former Chairman of the West Indian Commission says that Britain remains vital to the interest of the Caribbean. Sir Shridath Rampahl is interviewed (11:03-12:40)
6. Former colleagues and friends pay tribute to West Indian cricketing hero Jerry Gomez who died at the age seventy-six years. Former colleagues 'Reds' Perreira, Sir Clyde Walcott and Joey Carew are interviewed. Warren Gordon reports (12:41-15:23)