Caribbean Report 08-08-1990

Table of Contents
1. Headlines (00:00-00:37)
2. Peace talks in Suriname have been postponed due to the current contention between the police force and the army after last week's brutal murder of a police inspector allegedly carried out by the military. Chandra van Binnendijk reports and Pat Whitehorne interviews Joseph Beck of the police force (00:38-05:51)
3. Guyana's president, Desmond Hoyte, marks five years in office this week and discusses his achievements and the question of electoral reforms during a press conference. Sharief Khan reports (05:52-07:47)
4. Financial News (07:48-08:41)
5. The International Bauxite Association reports that forecasting for the next two years may experience adjustments if the current Gulf Crisis escalates. Leslie Goffe interviews Alfred Francis, Director of IBA in Kingston, Jamaica (08:42-10:34)
6. The government of the Dominican Republic announces a major economic package which includes a devaluation of the Dominican Republic peso, price increases in petroleum products, sugar and wheat flour, and an increase in the minimum wage. Jean Michel Caroit reports that protest actions against the new measures have already begun in Santo Domingo (10:35-12:31)
7. The Sub-Secretary of the state of Puerto Rico considers the observer status given to Puerto Rico last week at the Caricom Summit to be a major step towards regional integration and unity. Rafael Matos reports from San Juan (12:32-14:36)