Caribbean Report 04-07-1990


The leader of Suriname’s Jungle Commando, Ronnie Brunswick, completed a series of meetings with the government and opposition politicians in Holland. He is attempting to convince the Dutch that Suriname’s Bush Negro population is in dire need of humanitarian assistance and the guerrilla war in Suriname’s interior can only be ended with official Dutch assistance. Secondly, whilst Yesu Persaud is pressured by the Guyanese government due to his opposition to groups supporting the re-election of Desmond Hoyte, his popularity continues to grow amongst members of the civil reform movement, Guyanese Action for Reform and Democracy. Following the Financial News, the Speaker of Montserrat’s Legislative Council suggests that Montserratians are not interested in seeking independence and comments on the remarks by the Chief Minister that the British government is racist on the question of granting nationality status. The final segments provides an insight into tomorrow’s special edition and reports on the recent win by the Jamaican sprinter, Merlene Ottey, as she ran the fastest 200 meters race for the year in East Berlin.


Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:32)
2. Ronnie Brunswick, the leader of Suriname's Jungle Commando, is interviewed by Hugh Crosskill (00:33-05:02)
3. Guyanese government pressures Yesu Persaud, the leader of the civil reform movement Guyanese Action for Reform and Democracy. Sharief Khan reports from Georgetown (05:03-07:00)
4. Financial News. Mehdi Varsi of Kleinwort Benson in London comments on world oil consumption (07:01-08:35)
5. Dr. Howard Fergus, Speaker of Montserrat’s Legislative Council says that Montserratians are not interested in independence. Speech excerpt from John Osborne, Chief Minister of Montserrat (08:36-12:49)
6. Insight into tomorrow’s special edition of the Caribbean Report featuring David Jessop, Executive Director of the London based West India Committee and Pat Thompson, Executive Director of the Caribbean Association of Industry and Commerce (12:50-14:41)
7. Jamaican sprinter runs the faster 200 meters race in 1990 (14:42-15:08)