Caribbean Report 03-11-1992



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:30)
2. Dutch St. Martin seeks help from the Caribbean community against new supervision procedures from the Netherlands following allegations of mismanagement (00:31-03:35)
3. Montserrat’s Deputy Chief Minister, David Brandt, cites the stagnation of several national issues as one of the reasons for his support of the motion of no confidence against the Meade government (03:36-06:49)
4. Professor Larry Birns of the Council on Western Hemispheric Affairs believes that the US policy towards Cuba will remain unchanged irrespective of who wins the US presidential election (06:50-09:26)
5. Puerto Rico holds elections for a new governor. Updates suggest that Victoria Muñoz Mendoza, the first female candidate in its history, is running abreast with Pedro Rosselló, the candidate for the opposition New Progressive Party (09:27-10:05)
6. Supporters of exiled Haitian President Jean Bertrand Aristide say they will not attend the scheduled talks between representatives of the de facto government and the Organization of American States (10:06-10:44)
7. Radio Mona launches in Jamaica with the main goal of increasing Jamaican coverage of regional affairs. Correspondent Gary Allen reports (10:45-12:58)
8. Former West Indies Captain Viv Richards and English cricketer Ian Botham are touring parts of Britain in a roadshow called the “King and I” (12:59-13:34)
9. Recap of headlines (13:35-14:32)