Caribbean Report 14-05-1993

Table of Contents
1. Headlines (00:00-03:40)
2. Four Suriname’s top army officers resigned following government’s ultimatum over the choice of a new army commander. Suriname’s National Assembly had demanded their resignation after the approval of Commander Arthy Gorre. Interview with Surinamese newspaper editor (00:39-03:40)
3. A World Bank official agrees with Sir Neville Nicholls, President of the Caribbean Development Bank about the lack of respect meted out by the World Bank. The Caribbean Development Bank has to attach itself to the country’s delegation to be admitted to the World Bank sessions. Interviews with Sir Neville Nicholls, President of the Caribbean Development Bank; and Christian Delvoie, Head of the World Bank, Caribbean Division (03:41-04:35)
4. Among the issues discussed at the annual meeting of the Caribbean Group for Cooperation in Economic Development in Barbados were a comprehensive analysis of the region’s tourism industry, the formulation of a national environmental action plan for CARICOM members, cut-backs in concessionary aid to the Caribbean; having its voice heard more forcibly in the international trading arena; and concerns of the Caribbean banana producing countries. Interviews with Christian Delvoie, Head of the World Bank, Caribbean Division; and James Mitchell, Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines (04:36-07:31)
5. Six German fruit importers have asked the European Court of Justice to block the start of the new banana regime in July. The trade group, the Federal Association of Fruit Trading Firms said that the governments of Germany and Costa Rica would also be seeking the delay of the new regime pending an earlier application to squash the new EC regime as a violation of the GATT regulations. Interview with Sir John Compton, Prime Minister of St. Lucia (07:32-10:19)
6. Japan has failed to pass several motions at the International Whaling Commission Meeting in Japan. Despite support from some Caribbean states, Japan had tried to pass a resolution to fish for mink whales for non-commercial purposes. The Caribbean supporters of Dominica, St. Lucia and Grenada were labelled recipients of Japanese aid (10:20-11:09)
7. In Britain, a seventeen-year-old boy had appeared before a London juvenile court charged with the murder of an eighteen-year-old black schoolboy, Stephen Lawrence in an allegedly racist attack. Interviews with Neville and Doreen Lawrence, parents; Sheila Foreman, Methodist Minister; Ronald Nathan, Director of Evangelical Alliance; and David Haslam, the Churches’ Commission for Racial Justice (11:10-14:47)