The Blood Pressure and Sugar Level Characteristics of Patients Visiting a University Eye Clinic.

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Faculty of Medical Sciences, The UWI, St. Augustine Campus, Trinidad and Tobago


Objective: This research project aimed to assess the blood pressure and blood sugar level characteristics of patients visiting the Couva Hospital & Multi-Training Facility in Trinidad and Tobago, and to determine their awareness and understanding of these systemic diseases. The study conducted analytical research with a cohort approach and gathered data by testing patients’ blood sugar and blood pressure, and by asking brief questions regarding their knowledge and management of their conditions. Method: The blood pressure and blood sugar was taken from 100 patients via the OMRON IntelliSense Professional Digital Blood Pressure Monitor and the Gluco Perfect LLC Perfect 3 respectively. The blood pressure machine took 3 consecutive readings and produced an average blood pressure reading which was recorded. The patient was then given a random blood sugar testing device and instructed on how to use it to obtain their blood sugar reading. Results: The results showed that there were 38% more female participants than male participants, and age was the most significant factor contributing to trends such as frequency of taking blood pressure or blood sugar measurements and knowledge of normal blood pressure and blood sugar levels. It was found that older individuals monitored their blood pressure and blood sugar levels more regularly and had a better understanding of what the normal levels for these readings should be. Conclusion: The research highlighted a higher degree of unfamiliarity with normative blood pressure levels compared to blood sugar levels. Ultimately, the study underscores the importance of raising awareness and educating individuals about hypertension and diabetes, two conditions that can pose serious risks to eye health.


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