Caribbean Report 27-06-1991



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:35)
2. American businessman, Steven Lander, warns the Caribbean to stop procrastinating on making a decision concerning the Enterprise for the Americas Initiative. Pat Thompson, Executive Director of the Caribbean Association of Industry and Commerce, also comments that the Caricom countries have started to respond to the EAI and dispels concerns that the EAI will jeopardize the Caribbean’s relations with the European community (00:36-04:14)
3. Another target date has been set for the full implementation of the Common External Tariff by Caricom member states. Sahadeo Basdeo, Trinidad and Tobago’s representative at the Council of Ministers meeting, comments on the CET and the implementation process (04:15-07:43)
4. The future of BWIA, the CET and Caribbean intra-regional trade are on the agenda for the upcoming Caricom Heads of Governments Summit in St. Lucia next week. Bhoe Tewarie, Trinidad and Tobago’s Minister of Industry, is interviewed by Debbie Ransome on the free trade initiative (07-44-11:48)
5. Jamaican-born Donovan “Razor” Ruddock weighs in at seventeen stones for the rematch against Mike Tyson in Las Vegas on Saturday. Ian Dark reports on the upcoming match (11:49-13:07)
6. The two-day match between the West Indies and the Combined Universities ended in a draw at Oxford today. Brian Lara top scores with 110 runs (13:08-13:44)
7. A decision will be taken by the International Cricket Council next month on the whether to allow the South African cricket team back into international cricket. Wes Hall, Barbados’ Minister of Sports is interviewed (13:45-14:54)