Caribbean Report 12-08-1999

Table of Contents
1. Headlines with anchor Keith Stone Greaves (00:00 - 00:33)
2. Guyana’s newly installed president Bharrat Jagdeo speaks to BBC Caribbean Report on how he plans to govern the country. In his interview he identifies key priorities areas in his role as President including that of unifying the People’s Progressive Party, seeking national consultation on critical issues and working closely with opposition parties to transform the economic, political and social climate in Guyana. Colin Smith reports on the opposition parties reaction to Mr. Jagdeo’s peace offering (00:34 - 05:46 )
3. United Sates Envoy Kenneth MacKay ended a visit to St. Lucia where he held talks with Prime Minister Kenny Anthony, Foreign Minister George Odlum and other senior government officials. Pete Nimvalle reports on the priority areas addressed in the visit including increasing US presence on the island, establishing closer ties between the two countries, improving strained relations due to the current impasse in the banana industry and increase funding in cooperative projects (05:47 – 07:52)
4. Foreign Ministers from the Windward islands will host talks with Taiwanese counterparts with the view of signing several bilateral agreements on trade, agriculture, fisheries and small business development. St. Lucia will be absent from the talks having severed ties with Taipei two years ago. Dominica Foreign Minister Norris Charles comments on the diplomatic wrangle between mainland China and Taiwan. Taiwan is providing one million US dollars in aid to St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Grenada and Dominica (07:53 – 09:36)
5. Police in St. Vincent recaptured one of three prisoners who escaped from the main prison. Attorney General Carl Joseph announced the appointment of Barbadian Sir Frederick Smith to conduct an inquiry into the Kingstown prison riots where prisoners staged two disturbances during a 12 day period. Mike Finlay reports on the apprehension of prisoners (09:37 – 10-:51)
6. CARICOM High Commissioners in London are scheduling a meeting with New Zealand Foreign Minister Don McKinnon to discuss his plans for the Commonwealth if he is elected Commonwealth Secretary General with the support of CARICOM states. Antigua/Barbuda High Commissioner Ronald Sanders comments on the goals of the meeting and prospective Caribbean support for McKinnon candidacy (10:52 – 14:23)
7. Cuba confirmed that thirteen members of its delegation defected during the Panama games which concluded in the Canadian city of Winnipeg. Head of the Cuban team Umberto Rodriguez confirmed that eleven athletes, a coach and journalist escaped during the games (14:24 - 15:28)