Caribbean Report 29-06-1990


Trinidadian Edwin Carrington, former Secretary-General of the ACP, failed in his controversial bid to become the new Director General of the Centre for Development Industry of the ACP. Following his defeat against Paul Fritz, a Belgium banker, the ACP states also agreed that a geo-national should be appointed Deputy Director of the CDI. Secondly, the US President, George Bush, announced plans to forgive a portion of the $12 billion in debt owed to the United States by Latin American and Caribbean countries. According to the President of the Association of Caribbean Economists, while the US proposal may be a step in the right direction, the initiative by the US does not totally alleviate the debt situation for Caribbean countries. Following the Financial News, a combination of strikes and bad weather threatens Guyana’s ability to meet its sugar quota to the EEC and may result in Guyana losing half of its European quota. The next segment covers the attempt by Guyana’s main opposition party, the People’s Progressive Party (PPP), to forge an electoral alliance with the three other opposition parties in the country. The leader of the PPP, Cheddi Jagan, expressed his willingness to step down from the presidential race on the condition of being made prime minister of the proposed coalition government. In Surinam, a meeting between the president and the Confederation of Labour Unions to address the current industrial action in the country, ended in deadlock. The report concludes with stories of Caribbean interest appearing in the British press and a sporting segment focusing on the participation of British, German and Canadian track and field athletes in the Dairy Crest Games in England.


Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:35)
2. Trinidadian Edwin Carrington, former Secretary-General of ACP defeated in bid for Director General of the Brussels-based Center for Development of Industry. Shada Islam reports from Brussels (00:36-03:34)
3. Norman Girvan, President of the Association of Caribbean Economists, states that the debt relief initiatives of the United States towards Latin America and the Caribbean is inadequate. Interview with Norman Girvan (03:35-06:53)
4. Financial News (06:54-07:27)
5. There is a possibility of Guyana falling short of meeting it's European sugar quota. Comments from the Prinicipal Administrator on the European Community and ACP sugar protocol (07:28-08:38)
6. Guyana's main opposition People's Progressive Party makes a last effort for an electoral alliance. Sharief Khan reports from Georgetown, Guyana (08:39-10:46)
7. In an attempt to end a week of industrial unrest, Suriname president met with the Conferation of Labour Unions. The meeting ended in deadlock (10:47-11:48)
8. Stories of Caribbean interest appearing in the British press by Lorna Clarke (11:49-13:24)
9. British, East German and Canadian athletes meet at The Dairy Crest Games in England. Andy Edwards reports (13:25-15:14)