Caribbean Report 04-11-1996

Table of Contents
1. Headlines (00:00-00:30)
2. Next week's vote on Nevis quitting from St. Kitts faces opposition from the island's opposition party. Nevis Reformation Party leader Joseph Parry is interviewed (00:31-03:57)
3. A top scientist said it is too early to predict whether Montserrat faces an explosive event anytime soon. Scientist Richie Robinson is interviewed (03:58-04:51)
4. Preparations are ahead for general elections in the Cayman Islands. Ken Richards reports (04:52-06:36)
5. Cuba's threat to return aid to a Catholic Relief Organisation is withdrawn. Meanwhile a three day conference is opened in Cuba to discuss the role of Caritas. Father Thomas Wenski of Caritas is interviewed (06:37-08:47)
6. The Dominican government wants to change sections of the country's constitution to give more power to the people of the island. Prime Minister Edison James is interviewed and Mike Bruni reports (08:48-10:11)
7. As Britain heads to a Spring elections the diehard Labour Party constituency is to be challenged by a black Conservative candidate. Guyanese born Member of Parliament Bernie Grant is a Member of Parliament for Topland in North London for almost ten years. His challenger is thirty-three year old Public Affairs Consultant Derek Laud a British born Conservative of Jamaican parents. Labour Member of Parliament Bernie Grant and Public Affairs Consultant Derek Laud are interviewed (10:12-15:20)