Caribbean Report 04-05-1990


The Jamaican Prime Minister, Michael Manley, concludes a three day visit to Washington with a meeting with the US Vice-President, Dan Quayle, and officials of the Organisation of the American States. Mr. Manley’s visit focused on debt relief, the war on drugs and urging the US to desist from diverting economic aid from the Caribbean to the Eastern European countries. Secondly, six people are reported dead and 48 missing after the wreckage of a small boat was discovered off the eastern Dominican coast. All the victims were attempting to enter Puerto Rico illegally through the dangerous Mona Passage. Following the Financial News, the General Criminal Investigation Authority of the military police in Suriname has been withdrawn. The vast majority of the Surinamese National Assembly voted in favour of the bill while the six-member opposition voted against. In the next segment, the manufacturing sector of Barbados responded with mixed feelings to the 1990 Budget presented by the Prime Minister. The Manufacturers’ Association stated that whilst the budget offered greater financial assistance to small businesses, it failed to provide assistance for manufacturers in the export sector. The report concludes with the Stories of Caribbean interest appearing in the British Press covering the combating of crime in Jamaica and the injuries of the Barbadian middleweight boxer, Nigel Benn.


Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:44)
2. Jamaica's Prime Minister, Michael Manley, speaks in Washington on the diversion of US aid for the Caribbean to Eastern Europe. Jan Schiff reports from Washington with an excerpt from the speech given by the Prime Minister (00:45-02:40)
3. Six nationals from the Dominican Republic dies and dozens more missing after an illegal attempt to enter Puerto Rico. Jean Michel Caroit reports from Santo Domingo (02:41-04:26)
4. Financial News. Martin Webber, Oil Analyst with the BBC Financial Unit, comments on the recent cut in oil production by OPEC (04:27-05:50)
5. The General Criminal Investigation Authority of the military police in Suriname is withdrawn. Chandra van Binnendijk reports from Paramaribo (05:51-08:58)
6. Manufacturers in Barbados are not enthusiastic about the 1990 budget. Sandra Baptiste interviews Ralph Johnson, President of the Barbados Manufacturers' Association (08:59-12:37)
7. Stories of Caribbean interest appearing in the British press. Leslie Garth reports (12:38-15:03)