Caribbean Report 16-04-1992



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-0031)
2. Dominica’s Foreign Minister Brian Allen says it is time for the region to push the OAS to achieve a solution in Haiti. Correspondent Sandra Baptiste reports (00:34-02:44)
3. Antoine Izméry, President Aristide’s main financial backer believes that Haiti’s growing problems is being caused by financial corruption among certain factions. Council to President Aristide, Michael Barns also shares his views (02:45-06:32)
4. Latin American countries express anger over the European decision to continue its preferential access for bananas to Caribbean countries. Belize’s Foreign Minister, Said Musa comments on possible future cooperation between the two regions in light of their competing interests (06:38-09:57)
5. The United States continues to name Jamaica as the only CARICOM country instituting the type of changes needed to become a part of the Enterprise for the Americas Initiative. Jamaican popular Radio Talk Show Host and Attorney Ronald Thwaites is interviewed by correspondent Hugh Crosskill (10:02-13:26)
6. Member of the Antigua Labour Party and Information Minister, John St. Luce announces his intention to contest the leadership in upcoming elections (13:27-13:43)
7. US author, Hans Koning will join BBC Caribbean Report for a special Good Friday edition to explore the Columbus legacy for the region as part of the focus on the quincentennial celebrations (13:44-14:21)