Caribbean Report 27-09-1996

Table of Contents
1. Headlines (00:00-00:30)
2. Authorities in Guyana and the local telephone company are at odds over the sex lines industry issue. President Cheddi Jagan, Public Relations Consultant of the Guyana Telephone Company Kit Nascimento and Trade Minister Michael Shree Chan are interviewed (00:31-04:38)
3. An Israeli Diplomat has been shot dead on the streets of the Dominican Republic Capital Santo Domingo (04:39-05:08)
4. A United States-based organisation is pressing the Clinton and Preval administrations to prosecute human rights violators in Haiti. Caribbean Researcher for Human Rights Watch America Sarah DeCosse is interviewed. Carol Orr reports (05:09-10:02)
5. The St. Lucia's Teachers Union has suggested that protest action by teacher trainees could blossom into full scale strike action by teachers on the island. Pete Ninvalle reports (10:03-11:52)
6. A rich American tribe is in search of Caribbean descendants. Leslie Goffe reports (11:53-15:33)