Caribbean Report 06-04-1992

The report on the last segment ends abruptly.
Table of Contents
1. Headlines (00:00-00:27)
2. In Antigua, while the Opposition leader of the United Progressive Party, Baldwin Spencer expresses satisfaction over the public’s response to the call for a general strike, labour minister Adolphus Freeland deems it a dismal failure (00:28-03:15)
3. Allegations of police brutality surfaces once again in Barbados following the death of seventeen year old Ryan Jordan as well as the beating of his brother Mark Jordan in connection with the theft of a large sum of money. Human rights group, Caribbean Rights is looking into the matter (03:16-05:07)
4. Caribbean governments are considering shifting focus from investment in joint ventures to privatization in keeping with global trends. Economists Winston Cox, Sir Carlisle Burton, Chairman of Banks DIH Ltd. Clifford Reece and Antiguan trade minister Hugh Marshall comment on the matter (05:10-08:50)
5. Fifty percent of elligible voters in St. Lucia are in favour of the political union of the Windward Islands. However, the opposition Labour Party is dead set against it. Correspondent Pete Ninvalle speaks with Julian Hunte of the opposition party (08:51-12:01)
6. The sixth congress of the Cuban Communist Youth League secures the support of young people in pledging devotion to the revolution. Correspondent Lionel Martin reports (12:02-13:06)