Caribbean Report 15-06-1992



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:38)
2. British Labour Party Member of Parliament, Bernie Grant, calls on Prime Minister John Major, to reiterate his commitment to Caribbean banana exports to Europe in light of his visit to Colombia. Mr. Major admits that his visit included discussion on banana exports but was not limited to Colombians (00:39-02:52)
3. St. Lucia’s Prime Minister John Compton announces his intention to visit Europe to continue lobbying for continued preferential treatment of Caribbean bananas (02:53-04:49)
4. Even though the autopsy conducted by Trinidadian Forensic Scientist, Prof. Ramnath Chandulal, on the body of St. Kitts and Nevis Deputy Governor General Weston Parris indicates no evidence of internal nor external injury, body tissue and fluid are to be sent to Port of Spain for further analysis to determine the cause of death (04:52-05:59)
5. Correspondent Sandra Baptiste reports on the continuing decline among business companies unable to operate profitably in the Barbados economy (06:02-08:11)
6. Haiti’s new Prime Minister Marc Bazin tells the senate of his intention to attend a meeting on the country’s political crisis in the Dominican Republic (08:12-11:20)
7. Over the weekend in England, more than one thousand Indo-Caribbean people celebrate the 154th anniversary of the East Indians in the Caribbean. Correspondent Lainy Malkani reports on the celebrations (11:21-14:26)