Caribbean Report 10-01-1990


This program provides insights into the national crackdown of the Jamaican drug network in the United States and reveals that many groups or “posses” are moving out of New York and into other areas in America. Ten posse members were arrested in Dallas, Texas for various violations of the Controlled Substance Act, according to Brad Morgan, Information Officer at the Crud Enforcement Agency. Secondly, the report explores the recent acquisitions of the national telecommunication systems in Jamaica and Grenada by the British telecommunication company, Cable and Wireless. BBC correspondent, Leslie Garth reports on the benefits for the Caribbean region, and interviews Tom Chellew, Director of Cable and Wireless with Responsibility for the Caribbean, and Leslie Pierre, Editor of the Grenadian Voice. Pierre likens the recent acquisitions to colonialism in the communication sphere of the Caribbean. However, Terry Stone, General Manager of Grantele, Grenada’s telephone company affirms that the move adds impetus to the development of telecommunication services in the region. Thirdly, Adrian Porter provides an update of last year’s plight of a herd of llamas from Chile stranded on a barren strip, offshore from Antigua. Michael O’Sullivan of the World Society for the Protection of Animals confirms the death of 118 lamas which prompted the WSPA to intervene and propose to ship the llamas to Peru. Following the Financial Market news, the new Chairman of the Group of 77, Ambassador Hugo Navajas of Bolivia states that the Third World faces an era of economic risks in the 1990’s. The program concludes with the preparation of the English cricketers to improve their physical fitness before the upcoming tour of the West Indies. Pat Murphy reports on the high level of fitness of the players and this is reiterated by the manager of the fitness program, John Brewer.


Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00 - 00:40)
2. Crackdown on Jamaican drug posses in Dallas (00:41-03:23)
3. Cable and Wireless expands telecommunication services in the Caribbean (03:24-06:38)
4. Llamas stranded off Antigua (06:39-09:08)
5. Financial News (09:09-10:43)
6. New Chairman of the Group of 77 predicts crucial economic times for the Third World region in the 1990's (10:44-12:58)
7. Physical fitness of England's cricket team for the upcoming West Indies tour (12:59-14:58)