Caribbean Report 11-04-1990

In the aftermath of the International Drug Conference in London, Kenneth McNeill, Jamaican Minister, advises Jamaica must seek economic alternatives in the eradication of the marijuana crop in Jamaica. He furthers states that a global commitment is essential in solving the international problem of drug abuse and trafficking. Secondly, a fisherman of a small coastal town in Puerto Rico discovers a metal drum containing over a million dollars. The Puerto Rican police and the FBI are investigating the find as monies hidden by Caribbean drug barons. The next segment covers the upcoming WBA Middle Weight fight between Jamaica’s Mike McCallum and Britain’s Michael Watson at London’s Royal Albert Hall. The report ends with Stories of Caribbean interest appearing in the British press focusing on the controversy between the English and Caribbean journalists during the final day of the Fourth Test Match in Barbados. The press stories include the decisions of Umpire Lloyd Barker in the dismissals of Curtly Ambrose; the responses of the Barbadian cricket fans; Geoff Boycott’s claim that Vivian Richards intimidated the umpire; and Lloyd Baker’s insistence that his decisions were independent of Vivian Richard’s reactions.
Table of Contents
1. Headlines (00:00-00:43)
2. Jamaica must find economic alternatives in deterring farmers from producing marijuana. Comments from Kenneth McNeill, Jamaican Minister (00:44-04:22)
3. Puerto Rican fisherman discovers a treasure trove in a small coastal town. Rafael Matos reports from San Juan (04:23-07:43)
4. Boxers Mike McCallum and Michael Watson compete for the WBA Middle Weight Title. Pat Whitehorne interviews the boxers (07:44-10:54)
5. Stories of Caribbean interest appearing in the British press (10:55-14:50)