Caribbean Report 22-01-1999



Table of Contents

1. Headlines with anchor Emma Joseph (00:25)
2. The government in Guyana has undertaken emergency measures to save the Guyanese dollar as it depreciates against the US dollar. Colin Smith reports on the decline in value against the US dollar and attempts by the Guyanese government to liberalize the foreign exchange market, institute measures to monitor foreign exchange transactions and end speculative and manipulative transactions. Finance Minister Bharath Jagdeo speaks on Guyana’s Central Bank efforts to sell 50 million dollars (US) of its reserve on the open market to stem the decline, meet ongoing consumer demands and alleviate pressure on the dollar rate. Anand Persaud Head of the Economics Department at the University of Guyana comments on whether these new measures can provide a viable solution to the current crisis (00:25 - 04:48)
3. The United States dismissed a new proposal by the European Union to resolve the long standing trade dispute over bananas. Kimberly Andrew Thomas reports on the United States refusal to convene the World Trade Organization General Council to address new initiatives to alleviate the crisis. The US is claiming that the EU unfairly restricts imports of Latin America bananas marketed by US companies in order to protect imports from the Caribbean and Africa (04:49 - 06:32)
4. Haitians have resorted to strike action to protest the ongoing political crisis that led to the shutdown of parliament. President Rene Preval decision to govern by decree and his appointment of Jacques Eduard Alexis as Prime Minister has angered many Haitians. Michael Norton reports (06:33 – 09: 07)
5. Grenada Prime Minister Keith Mitchell announced his new cabinet after winning the national elections in a landslide victory. Reporter Lew Smith provides details on the composition of the cabinet including expansion of Mitchell’s portfolio to include Foreign Affairs, National Security, Mobilisation, Information, Finance, Trade and Industry (09:08 - 11:22)
6. Saint Lucia’s Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony is scheduled to visit Cuba for the first time. The trip will last four days and issues on the agenda include Cuba’s tourism drive and increase trade. Dr. Anthony speaks on the ongoing relationship between the two countries, the leading role of Caribbean countries in improving relationship between Cuba and the US, liberalisation, freedom of religion, democracy and other human rights changes in Cuba (11:23 - 15:29)