Caribbean Report 17-08-1989



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:41-01:18)
2. Guyana's Eusi Kwayana says if the country wants electoral reform it will have to rise up and grab it. The politician is interviewed by Sharief Khan (01:19-04:32)
3. Moscow puts increasing strain on its relations with Castro's Cuba. Chris McGreal reports (04:33-07:44)
4. Financial news (07:45-09:40)
5. Former Barbadian batsman Nolan Clarke made England cricketers miserable yesterday in the unlikely setting of VRA Cricket Club in Amsterdam. Hugh Crosskill interviews Nolan Clarke (09:41-12:04)
6. A tropical storm watch is posted for Dominica right through to the British Virgin Islands. Miles Lawrence from the National Hurricane Centre in Florida is interviewed (12:05-15:42)