Caribbean Report 25-05-1993

Table of Contents
1. Headlines (00:00-00:31)
2. The Caribbean private sector has to be ready to play by a different rule in its trading relationship with the EC. David Jessop of the Caribbean Council for Europe says negotiation for the next Lome agreement will not simply be a technical discussion on financing. Jessop noted that the new conditionalities may include the need for structural adjustment, aid for the poorest, human rights and democracy, and an emphasis on regional integration. Speaker, David Jessop. (00:32-02:04)
3. In Guatemala, President Jorge Serrano has suspended the constitution and says he will rule by decree until a constitutional Assembly is formed. President Serrano said that he was acting because of a string of protest in the past week. The rising political tension has caused concern across the border in Belize, especially in the wake of Britain’s withdrawal of troops in Belize. David Reid reports (02:05-04:24)
4. A new round of talks between the military regime in Haiti and the UN over the return of Aristide have broken down. The de facto authority continued to oppose a plan to send a five hundred strong police force to Haiti. Interview Andre Vainquere, Board Member of the Washington Office on Haiti (04:25-08:14)
5. The Chairman of B.W.I.A. International, Joseph Esau has suggested a timetable for a proposed merger of B.W.I.A. and L.I.A.T. as a precursor to the creation of a regional airline. His plans call for controlling shares to be held by the regional private sector, a partnership with an international carrier and minimum government involvement. Sandra Baptiste reports. Speaker, John Esau (08:15-11:31)
6. A long running dispute at the Grenadian port which affected banana exports has put the government and trade union at loggerheads over new labour legislation. The lower house of the Grenada Parliament passed a law which prohibit industrial action in vital services. The law which has to be ratified by the island’s senate seeks for compulsory arbitration. Alister Hughes reports (11:32-14:04)
7. The United States has said that there is no justification for Guatemala’s President, Jorge Serrano suspension of constitutional rule and expressed its strong opposition to the power grab (11:05-14:40)