Caribbean Report 25-03-1998

Table of Contents
1. Headlines with Orin Gordon (00:00-00:25)
2. The Guyana government is set to declare a state of emergency to deal with the out of control forest fires as well as the effects of El Nino. Finance Minister Bharrat explains how US$5 million of IDB funds would be diverted to deal with the issue (00:26-02:15)
3. Cuba's Deputy Minister for Foreign Investment and Economic Cooperation, Raul Taladrid states it is none of America's business if Cuba embarks on democratic reforms. Ken Richards reports (02:16-04:03)
4. Representatives of anti-drug agencies from the Americas are in Costa Rica to discuss drug fighting tactics. Electra Naysmith reports on the International Drug Enforcement conference (04:04-05:29)
5. Sports commentator Michael Holding assesses the West Indies place in world cricket now they have beaten England 3-1. Tony Fraser reports on the headlines in the Trinidadian press and Brian Lara's captaincy. Simon Crosskill reports on the headlines in Jamaican newspapers and Bertram Niles reports on Barbados' front pages (05:30-08:59)
6. The British press focuses on the resignation of England's captain Mike Atherton. The press covers Atherton final reign as captain and his possible successors (09:00-12:20)
7. In Britain, Jamaica's Reggae Boyz have been playing Wales. Keith Stone Greaves comments on the exciting game (12:21-14:59)
8. Recap of top stories (15:00-15:12)