Caribbean Report 19-06-2001



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:28)
2. Arubians are going to the polls in late September, the two party coalition administration there has collapsed. Programme Manager of the Television Station TeleAruba Ronald Hendriquez is interviewed (00:29-03:36)
3. Wife of American Civil Rights Leader Reverend Jesse Jackson has been detained on the Island of Vieques where the United States Navy is practising bombing maneuvers. Shannon Novak reports (03:37-05:50)
4. The sub-region's newest Prime Minister attempts to put OECS political unity back on the front burner. Permanent Secretary in St. Lucia's Foreign Affairs Ministry Earl Huntley is interviewed (05:51-08:43)
5. There has been two days of protest demonstrations in the Dominican Republic (08:44-09:31)
6. The Pink Mealy Bug has caused millions of dollars of damage to agriculture in the Caribbean. Bertrand Niles reports (09:32-10:55)
7. World Trade Organisation holds a meeting at its Geneva's Headquarters on Wednesday to discuss the tension between patent protection and affordable medicines in the developing world. Andrew Walker reports (10:56-12:51)
8. US foreign aid has soared to record lows. Emma Joseph reports (12:52-14:41)
9. There are signs of increasing division between the two leading trade unions in Trinidad and Tobago (14:43-15:39)