Caribbean Report 29-11-1991



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:45)
2. Growing fears as Barbados seeks to grapple with the economic crisis that can serve to move the country into a protectionist mode. Barbados is now imposing a stamp duty on competing imports from other Caricom countries with grant duty concessions to manufacturers on imported inputs. This move is drawing early protests from Trinidad and Tobago, as addressed by Pat Thompson, Chief Executive Officer of the Caribbean Association of Industry and Commerce (00:46-03:04)
3. Jamaican dollar passed the 20 to 1 rate against the US dollar today. Gary Allen looks at the economic implications for Jamaica (03:05-04:47)
4. Pat Thompson of the CAIC continues with comments on the Jamaican experiment with deregulation and foreign exchange liberalization as a test case for the Caribbean, including concerns of high levels of inflation rates (04:48-06:17)
5. The St. Lucia government is surprised by the offer by Chiquita brand to provide assistance to the Caribbean banana industry. Pete Ninvale interviews St. Lucia’s Prime Minister George Malette (06:18-09:01)
6. Monserrat’s newly elected Chief Minister, 37 year old Rueben Meade, completed visits to Brussels and London where he sought to raise the profile of Britain’s Caribbean dependencies seeking greater involvement in the benefits offered by the European community (09:02-12:08)
7. Jamaicans in Britain are becoming increasingly embarrassed by the resurgence of press articles linking Jamaicans to the rise in crime in the London area. Debbie Ransome reports (12:09-14:04)
8. Yesterday’s delivery of the first imported fuel since the imposition of the embargo in Haiti has eased some of the pressure for Haitians (14:05-14:55)