Caribbean Report 19-12-1996



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:33)
2. A United States report claims that NAFTA would fall short of expectations. Leslie Goffe reports (00:34-02:05)
3. Caricom Chairman Lester Bird hopes to assign specific tasks to leaders who will expedite action on regional issues. Chairmam Lester Bird and Dr. J. B. Yankee of the OECS Economic Affairs Secretariat are interviewed (02:06-07:23)
4. The Cuban Foreign Ministry says it is in constant contact with the Peruvian government over the hostage crisis in Peru. The United States, Britain and Germany have all announced that they are sending teams of experts to Peru and a Japanese Foreign Minister is also due there. Dominica's Opposition Leader Rosie Douglas is interviewed. Rosie Hayes and Carol Orr report (07:24-11:37)
5. Montserrat prepares for Christmas under the shadow of the volcano. Montserratians are interviewed and James White, Jr reports (11:38-14:31)
6. Former Jamaican Prime Minister Michael Manley who has been battling prostate cancer is seriously ill (14:32-14:49)
7. In the United States civil rights groups have halted a boycott of the Oil Company Texaco (14:50-15:36)