Caribbean Report 06-10-1999

Table of Contents
1. Headlines with anchor Debbie Ransome (00:00 - 00:32)
2. Montserrat active Soufriere Hills volcano is receding in activity allowing displaced Monserratians to return to southern areas. Director of Montserrat Volcano Observatory Dr. Simon Young discusses volcano activity and stabilization, reduction in gas levels and relocation of citizens (00:33 – 04: 51)
3. Caribbean is placed on high alert for the possible introduction of the deadly West Nile virus. Acting Director of Caribbean Epidemiology Center Dr. Merle Lewis contends that the virus could travel to Caribbean shores via bird migration, and addresses the issue of infection and response of Caribbean government and medical practitioners. Tony Fraser reports (04: 52 – 07:56)
4. St .Vincent and Grenadines Ambassador to US Kinglsey Lane discusses issues of off-shore banking in Caribbean countries and adverse effects on financial sectors (07:57 – 11:34)
5. Indonesia the biggest export producer of nutmeg is currently facing social and political unrest and this paves the way for revival of the Grenada nutmeg industry. Byron Campbell chairman of the Grenada Nutmeg Association issues a call for the country to capitalize on shortfall in Indonesia exports. Lew Smith reports (11:35 – 15:30 )