Caribbean Report 21-02-2003



Table of Contents

1. Headlines with anchor Mike Jarvis (00:00-00:26)
2. In Dominica, another meeting means another standoff as the Public Service Union and government fail to agree. Thomas Letang, General Secretary of the DPSU says that his members have made concessions and can offer alternatives to cutting public servants’ pay. BBC correspondent Mike Jarvis reports (00:27-02:49)
3. In Guyana, controversy overshadows Mashramani, Guyana's annual Carnival which marks the country’s anniversary of becoming a Republic. However, members of the Guyana Indian Heritage Association and others believe that this thirty-third anniversary should be a day of remembrance. Gail Teixeira, Minister of Culture is interviewed. BBC correspondent Colin Smith reports (02:50-05:13)
4. As Carnival approaches, there is controversy in Trinidad over the perceived anti-gay lyrics of a calypso (05:14-05:21)
5. The merger being proposed for Caribbean Airlines, LIAT, Air Jamaica and BWIA will not of itself improve their competitiveness nor will it save LIAT. According to the UK based Caribbean Aviation website, the airline needs an immediate injection of nine million US dollars as well as the support of its shareholder governments to keep it viable (05:22-08:03)
6. The Pentagon says three more inmates attempt suicide at the Guantánamo Bay US detention facility in Cuba bringing the number to ten for the year. Michael Ratner, President of the New York Centre for Constitutional Rights expresses concern about the unsatisfactory human conditions of the inmates. BBC correspondent Karen Weir reports (08:04-09:26)
7. Michele Montas, award winning journalist, Director of Radio Haiti and widow of journalist Jean Dominique decides to shut down the station due to threats to journalists. She says the station has already lost three lives, she refuses to lose any more and she does not know when broadcasting will resume. BBC correspondent Mike Jarvis reports (09:27-09:51)
8. In cricket, the West Indies has a fully fit squad ahead of its upcoming 2003 ICC World Cup match against Canada. The team desperately needs a victory to boost its points tally having failed to win since the opening game against South Africa. Ricky Skerritt, Team Manager talks about the team’s run rate. BBC correspondent Mike Jarvis reports (09:52-12:37)
9. An Antiguan artist whose sobriquet is Wanski comes under criticism in Trinidad and Tobago for allegedly inciting violence by anti-gay lyrics in his song, More Gyal. Peter Minshall, Trinidadian Carnival bandleader and costume designer says this is the same as racial discrimination. BBC correspondents Mike Jarvis and Tony Fraser report (12:38-15:29)