Caribbean Report 23-04-1996



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:33)
2. A British aid programme for Montserrat is high on the list. Montserrat's Governor Frank Savage intends discussing it with key officials in London. Governor Frank Savage is interviewed and James White, Jr reports (00:34-02:59)
3. The minority party in the coalition government of Trinidad and Tobago is calling for a revision of the agreement with its partner in government. Political Leaders A.N.R. Robinson and Basdeo Panday are interviewed (03:00-05:03)
4. The press in St. Lucia has been challenged to carry out its work honestly and fearlessly. St. Lucia Labour Party Political Leader Kenny Anthony is interviewed (05:04-06:13)
5. The Jamaican government remains committed to repatriating some seventy Cubans seeking asylum if their appeal to the country's Eligibility Committee fails. Foreign Affairs Minister Seymour Mullings is interviewed (06:14-07:59)
6. The United Nations Human Rights Commission in Geneva says it is concerned about human rights violations by the Cuban government. Warren Gordon reports (08:00-09:11)
7. Former US President Jimmy Carter is snobbed by one opposition party in Guyana. Guyana is the only Caribbean country to have been included in the World Bank and IMF plans for debt reduction. President of the World Bank James Wolfensohn is interviewed. Roy Osana reports (09:12-11:53)
8. The Commonwealth Development Corporation is happy with the level of its investment in the Caribbean. The CDC's Regional Director for the Caribbean and Latin America is interviewed (11:54-14:04)
9. Grenadian born University of the West Indies polster and political scientist Pati Manuel has died (14:05-14:35)
10. The West Indies has wrapped up a ten wicket first test win over New Zealand at the Kensington Oval today (14:36-15:27)