Caribbean Report 22-01-1992


In the light of the trade embargo against Haiti, it is reported that there are discussions on trade ties being formed btween Haiti and the Dominican Republic, as well as some of the views expressed on the handling of the Haiti situation. Also reported is the condemnation geared towards Cuba for the execution of a convicted man for terrorism, by the European Community and by human rights groups in the Caribbean. Further reports on the Cuban matter give details of the Cuban exiled group which is claiming responsibility for the failed terrorist attack and finally there are reports on the criticism levied towards some aspects of the economic adjustment programme designed by the accounting firm Cooperas and Lybrand, by the Surinnam parliament.


Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:34)
2. Report on the trade ties which Haiti claims it is forming with the Dominican Republic, but officials in the Dominican Republic deny that any formal agreement has been reached (00:35-00:59)
3. Ian Fairly reports from Santo Domingo on the trade talks which has been taking place and on the embargo against Haiti (01:00-03:26)
4. Report on the criticism of the handling of the Haiti crisis by the Organisation of American States and the United States by Larry Birns, the Director of the Washington based centre for hemisheric affairs (03:36-04:00)
5. Interview with Larry Birns on the embargo against Haiti (04:01-06:46)
6. Report on embargo against Haiti and CARICOM perspective given from interview with Eugenia Charles, Prime Minister of Dominica (06:48-09:16)
7. Report on the condemnation of the execution in Cuba of a Cuban-American man charged with terrorism, by the European Community and by human rights groups in the Caribbean (09:17-09:58)
8. Interview with Victor Cuffy of Caribbean Human Rights, on the international image of Cuba and the handling of the matter by CARICOM (09:59-12:00)
9. Report on the Cuban exiled group which claims responsibility for the failed attempt to infiltrate Cuba and handing out of arms in Cuba to civilian workers to protect firms and factories (12:01-12:40)
10. Report on the challenge by the Surinam parliament of some aspects of an eonomic adjustment programme designed for the country by the accounting firm Coopers and Lybrand (12:41-13:10)
11. Interview with Freida Alexander on the Surinam Ministry of Planning on what the parliament was opposed to in the Cooper and Lybrand report (13:11-14:47)