Caribbean Report 06-02-1990


The program features events in Guyana beginning with the recent bombing incident in Georgetown and the discovery of three more explosive devices. It also reports on the hanging of two Guyanese men convicted of a double murder in 1985 and critics of the death penalty. In the next segment, the Guyanese economic recovery program is in jeopardy following the US announcement of a decrease in economic aid. Following the Financial Market news, Edwin Carrington, ACP Secretary General states that the Dominican Republic’s intentions to export bananas to the EEC could result in that country being barred from accession to the Lome Convention. The program concludes with the commemoration of the 44th birthday of Bob Marley, reggae artist on February 6th, 1990 and calls by the Jamaica public to mark the day as Bob Marley Day.


Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:47)
2. Bombing incident in Guyana and the discovery of explosive devices. Sharief Khan reports from Georgetown, Guyana (00:48-02:16)
3. Hangings in Guyana. Interview with Clive Abdullah, Bishop of Trinidad and Tobago (02:17-04:08)
4. Decrease in US economic support affects Guyana's economic recovery program. Sharief Khan reports from Georgetown, Guyana (04:09-05:57)
5. Financial Market news include comments from Chris Tinker, currency analyst at UBS Phillips (05:58-07:30)
6. ACP Secretary General enters a controversy over the Dominican Republic's plan to export bananas to Europe (07:31-12:47)
7. Commemoration of the 44th birthday of Bob Marley. Features an interview with Bob Marley in 1980 and Marcia Griffiths (12:48-14:50)