Derrick near T.G.R. [Tight Gas Reservoirs], Trinidad Oilfield. B.W.I. S 3 – 6

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An oil derrick stands tall in the mid-ground of this vintage photograph, with trees, a building, a massive oil storage tank and other objects behind it. Rectangular carriages or containers numbered 007 and 935 lie on a track or assembly line where a ramp is attached for moving barrels of oil to the yard’s storage area. There is a barrel on the upper section of the ramp and rows of barrels piled two stories high on the paved concrete ground at the right of the photograph.
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Trinidad and Tobago, Postcards, Petroleum industry and trade--Trinidad and Tobago, Oil fields--Trinidad and Tobago, Cranes, derricks, etc.--Trinidad and Tobago, Barrels--Trinidad and Tobago, Containers--Trinidad and Tobago