Caribbean Report 25-07-1991



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:33)
2. The report features an excerpt of a speech by Desmond Hoyte, Guyana’s President, at the Caricom Heads of Government meeting in St. Kitts earlier this month during which Caricom gave its approval to the return of South Africa to international cricket. However before leaving Jamaica, ANC President Nelson Mandela stuns Caricom leaders by announcing his opposition to the removal of sporting sanctions against South Africa. Comments from Nelson Mandela and Julien Hunte of the West Indies Cricket Board (00:34-03:55)
3. During a rally for Nelson Mandela in Jamaica last night, a fence was broken down and hundreds of people ran towards the official procession. Shots were fired by a police officer and one person was killed and three people were shot (03:56-04:42)
4. Nelson Mandela departed for Cuba and Lionel Martin reports from Havana on his arrival (04:43-06:25)
5. Investigations into the scandal in the Bank of Credit and Commerce International now focus on Cayman Islands where many illegal activities were conducted. Richard Quest reports from Grand Cayman (06:26-08:12)
6. The mandate of the newly formed Council of Law and Order in St. Vincent is to secure the dismissal of the Police Commissioner, Randolph Toussaint. Interview with Council member and leader of the opposition Labour Party, Vincent Beech (08:13-13:49)
7. West Indies take the lead in the first day of the fourth test against England. Pat Murray reports (13:50-14:53)