Caribbean Report 02-12-1991



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:36)
2. The presidents of 12 Latin American countries and the Prime Minister of Jamaica, The Rio Group, held their first day of meetings at the Summit in Cartagena, Colombia. The themes dominating the Summit are the crises in Haiti and Cuba, moves towards regional economic integration and ways of combatting drug trafficking. Bernard Carboni reports from Cartagena with comments from Colombian’s Vise Minister of Foreign Affairs Rodrigo Pardo (00:37-03:02)
3. At the Annual Miami Conference on the Caribbean, the main focus is the future of the region as the world splits into large trading blocs. Mike Jarvis reports with a preview on the yearly meetings. Interview with Peter Johnson, CLW Executive Director in which he calls for courageous leadership and attractive trading incentives. In addition, Phillip Naffief, Chief Executive Officer of Dominica Coconut Products is calling for concessions in the Enterprise of the Americas Initiative (03:03-07:38)
4. Caribbean banana exporting countries are more comfortable about the future of the industry after Europe becomes a single market next year. At a recent meeting in Brussels, Chiquita Brands shifted away from the anti-protective stance and turned their attention to wooing Caribbean exporters with an offer of assistance in finance, marketing and human resources. Comments from the Managing Director of Geest, David Sugden on the offer of Chiquita. Dominica’s Opposition Leader, Eddison James and St. Lucia’s Julian Hunte comment on the new prospects for the Caribbean banana exporters; and British Labour Party PM, John Smith, criticizes Geest on the marketing of Caribbean bananas in the UK (07:39-14:53)