Caribbean Report 21-05-1993

Table of Contents
1. Headlines (00:00-00:36)
2. A new nuclear re-processing plant in Britain could make the Caribbean/Japan route a nuclear waste highway. Another shipment travels toward the Caribbean Sea and is followed by a ship belonging to the environmentalist group, Greenpeace. Interviews with Shaun Burnie, Greenpeace researcher; and Sir Shridath Ramphal, President of the Worldwide Conservation Union (00:37-06:20)
3. The Florida Cruise Ship Industry has taken offence over statements by former Jamaican Prime Minister, Michael Manley on the industry. The Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association (FCCA) suspended its relations with the Caribbean Tourism Organisation (CTO) questioning the role Mr. Manley is playing in the Caribbean Tourism Organization. CTO Secretary General, Jean Holder told Caribbean Report that he is seeking clarification on Mr. Manley’s position with the CARICOM Council of Ministers before responding to the FCCA comments. Speaker, Michael Manley. Interview with John LaCapra, President of the Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association (06:21-10:07)
4. Barbados Manufacturers Association supports Prime Minister, Erskvine Sandiford’s suggestion of placing trade barriers against other CARICOM countries. Earlier in the week, Mr. Sandiford said that Barbados was not willing to keep its market open to the detriment of its own interest elsewhere in the region. Interview with Bobby Khan, President of the Barbados Manufacturers Association (10:08-12:17)
5. The 5th Annual Private Sector Conference in Barbados is expected to address growing concerns about the prospect of a CARICOM single market. Sandra Baptiste reports. Interview with Pat Thompson, Chief Executive Officer of the Caribbean Association of Industry and Commerce (12:18-14:22)
6. A statement from the Jamaican Washington Embassy expressed disappointment that Puerto Rico decided to suspend endorsements of 936 Programme loans for Caribbean projects of five million dollars or more. The statement noted that the programme has been making valuable contributions to investment in the region (14:23-14:50)