Caribbean Report 29-05-1998

Table of Contents
1. Headlines with Electra Naysmith (00:00-00:24)
2. Trinidad and Tobago's Attorney General Ramesh Maharaj announces that the government is to withdraw from the UN Covenant on Civil and Political Rights as convicted murderers were using these human rights bodies to frustrate the implementation of the death penalty (00:25-02:22)
3. In the Bahamas, opposition politicians are calling on the government to clarify its position on Cuban asylum seekers. Jerome Sawyer reports that Cuban exiles in Florida are calling for a tourist boycott of the island (02:23-04:05)
4. Havana confirmed 3 baseball players and their coach returned to Cuba by Bahamas last week have officially been offered asylum by Nicaragua (04:06-04:19)
5. The OAS begin their annual General Assembly in Venezuela with Cuba's membership of the group expected to dominate the agenda. Venezuela Ambassador to the OAS, Francisco Paparoni has predicted that Cuba will be the 'absent protagonist' of the meeting (04:20-06:40)
6. In Cuba, Catholic Church leaders have issued a statement calling for greater internal openness on the island and criticised the slow pace of change since the papal visit in January. Tom Gibb reports (06:41-08:10)
7. Nominations closed for candidates intending to fight next month's general elections in St. Vincent. There is a straight fight between the ruling New Democratic Party and the Opposition Unity Labour Party (08:11-08:59)
8. The Caribbean Island Nations Security Conference (CINSEC) ends today as heads of Armed Forces from the US, Canada, France and Britain along with their Caribbean counterparts discuss strategies to deal with regional threats such as drugs. Carol Orr reports (09:00-11:12)
9. At least five Caribbean leaders are preparing to take part in the UN Drug Summit to adopt a worldwide plan to substantially reduce drug demand and supply by the year 2008. Tim Wall comments on how the UN proposes to tackle the problem (11:13-13:28)
10. Jody Anne Maxwell, a 12 year old girl from Jamaica has made history by becoming the first person from the Caribbean to win a prestigious US National Spelling Bee. Leslie Goffe reports (13:29-15:15)