Caribbean Report 25-02-2003



Table of Contents

1. Headlines with anchor Bertram Niles (00:00-00:31)
2. A leading Caribbean AIDS researcher describes the first large scale human trial of an AIDS vaccine as a stupendous success. The analysis showed that a small number of Haitians and Blacks who were vaccinated had a sixty-seven percent higher rate of infection than those who received a placebo. Professor Courtenay Bartholomew at the University of the West Indies believes it supports his own preliminary research. The BBC’s Bertram Niles reports (00:32-03:21)
3. Leaders of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) end their triennial summit in Malaysia with a call for peace. St. Vincent and the Grenadines becomes the twelfth Caribbean member of the NAM and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Louis Straker describes this decision as a solidarity measure. Jamaica’s Prime Minister PJ Patterson calls for a restructuring of the NAM for relevance to the changing global, political, and economic environment. The BBC’s Jonathan Head and Bertram Niles report (03:22-08:12)
4. In Dominica, the Public Service Union and the government are still locked in talks despite previous indications that their week-long deadlock was ending. Among them was a report that a task force installed to work out a compromise had come up with suggestions satisfactory to the government. BBC correspondent Bertram Niles reports (08:13-08:56)
5. The European Union and the World Trade Organization are moving to liberalize the service sector in the developing world. A leaked document revealing the confidential negotiating demands of the EU and member nations of the WTO, list several CARICOM Member States. Barry Coates, Director of the World Development Movement and Pascal Lamy, EU Commissioner for Trade comment on this inclusion. The BBC’s Bertram Niles reports (08:57-11:06)
6. The Venezuelan government condemns the bomb attacks at the Spanish embassy and at the Columbian consulate in eastern Caracas. It vows to find those responsible for the crime. BBC correspondent Bertram Niles reports (11:07-11:41)
7. Allegations of human rights violations in Haiti are accelerating from within and outside of the country. Human rights monitors have received death threats while investigating the killings of three men allegedly shot by Haitian police and journalists have also been threatened. Jean-Claude Bajeux, Head of the Ecumenical Center for Human Rights speaks from Port Au Prince. The BBC’s Bertram Niles reports (11:42-14:10)
8. The Roman Catholic Church in Cuba calls on the island’s government to be more compassionate with its citizens in a pastoral letter from the Archbishop of Havana, Cardinal Jaime Lucas Ortega. BBC correspondent Bertram Niles reports (14:11-14:45)
9. In football, Ricardo Antonio La Volpe, the Mexican coach eases up on his criticism of plan changes to the CONCACAF World Cup qualifiers. BBC correspondent Bertram Niles reports (14:46-15:32)