Caribbean Report 25-05-1992



Report ends abruptly during the seventh segment.

Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:42)
2. The Antigua Labour Party’s (ALP) leadership election ends in deadlock between Foreign Affairs Minister Lester Bird and Information Minister John St. Luce, with both of them receiving 150 votes. Newly elected Party Chairman Adolphus Freeland suggests that the chairman’s becoming party leader by default is possible until another convention is called (00:43-02:50)
3. Newly elected general secretary of the ALP, Rupert Lake favours the calling of a special convention to sort out the deadlock from Sunday’s elections unless one of the contenders stands down (02:51-05:22)
4. Haitian authorities close public high schools following a week of student anti-government protests while President Bush on Sunday ordered the coast guard to directly return any Haitian refugee trying to reach the United States. Correspondent Michael Norton reports (05:26-07:43)
5. Miami based immigration attorney Cheryl Little believes that President Bush’s directive will do little or nothing to stem the tide of Haitian refugees trying to enter the United States (07:44-10:08)
6. Protest erupts in Northeast Jamaica with the arrival of Haitian refugees. However, the government considers accepting more than its original quota of one hundred Haitian refugees. Correspondent Gary Allen reports on the protest (10:09-11:54)
7. Guyanese ambassador to Brussels, James Matheson calls for the revamping of the Secretariat of the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group (ACP). He tells correspondent Sandra Baptiste that given the changing face of the European community, the ACP Secretariat is not geared to meet the needs of its members (11:59-13:11)