Caribbean Report 17-05-1990

One day after general elections in the Dominican Republic, the results have not been announced and there is widespread criticism that the voting process was very slow. Flavio Espinal, lawyer and political journalist, comments on the outcome of the elections, the possibility of a coalition government and the race factor in the elections. Following the Financial News, the Governor of Puerto Rico, Rafael Hernandez Colon, accuses President Bush of bias interference in the process towards the plebiscite in which Puerto Ricans will chose the political status of the country. In a letter to President Bush, the Governor states that the US is attempting to persuade Puerto Ricans to vote for making the island the 51st state of the US. In the next segment, Cuba is carrying out a major operation against foreign drug traffickers who violate Cuba’s airspace and territorial waters. A number of the captured traffickers were presented on nation-wide television. The report concludes with the meeting between the EEC and the ACP group of countries in France to study ways of building the private sector in the ACP states.
Table of Contents
1. Headlines (00:00-00:35)
2. No election results in the Dominican Republic and the voting process is criticised for being too slow. Leslie Garth reports from Santo Domingo with comments from Flavio Espinal, Dominican lawyer and political journalist (00:36-05:53)
3. Financial News. Leslie Garth reports on Jamaica's attempts to promote the sale of fruits, vegetables, coffee, spices and rum in Britain as a means of gaining access to the European Single Market in 1992 (05:54-07:40)
4. Governor of Puerto Rico accuses President Bush of interfering in the island. Adrian Porter reports from New York (07:41-10:43)
5. Cuba displays captured drug traffickers on nation-wide television. Lionel Martin reports from Havana (10:44-12:54)
6. EEC and ACP group of countries meet to implement policies to build up the private sector in the ACP states. Shada Islam reports from Marseille, France with an interview with Anthony Barnes, President of the Jamaican Manufacturers' Association (12:55-15:03)