Caribbean Report 03-06-1992



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:30)
2. Haiti’s military and political establishment has designated conservative Marc Bazin as prime minister in a bid to form a new government. Robert Duval and Jane Regan of the Haitian Information Bureau comment on whether his appointment will be ratified by the Haitian parliament (00:31-02:50)
3. Haitian born Lecturer in Economics at the University of Puerto Rico, Paul Latortue comments on the possible backlash should Marc Bazin be installed as prime minister in Haiti (02:51-05:06)
4. The Organization of American States rejects the nomination of Marc Bazin as prime minister in Haiti seeing it as a continuation of the coup (05:07-05:32)
5. The Antiguan government seeks guidance from its CARICOM partners in deciding whether to allow the processing of Haitian Boat People seeking asylum in the United States to be done in Antigua. Attorney General Keith Forde explains (05:33-08:08)
6. Trevor Munroe, lecturer in government at the University of the West Indies and Economist Omri Evans believe that Jamaica’s debt problem should be central to the budget debate (0812:10:47)
7. Denmark’s retreat from the Maastricht Treaty (Treaty on European Union) sparks concerns over the integration of the Caribbean Community. Correspondent Philippa Thomas reports on Denmark’s decision, while CARICOM Secretariat Official Hayden Blaze comments on the Caribbean’s challenges (10:48-14:24)