Caribbean Report 01-10-1998



Table of Contents

1. Headlines with Electra Naismith (00:00-00:26)
2. In the Dominican Republic, accusations of favouritism over aid for the victims of Hurricane George. Warren Gordon reports (00:27-02:40)
3. The Caribbean region appears to be losing out with the Free Trade of the Americas agreement. Washington-based Trade Expert David Lewis and Ministry Trade Official Neville Blake weigh in on how the Free Trade agreement would impact the Caribbean. Tony Fraser reports (02:41-04:59)
4. President of the World Bank James Wilkinson has called on the World Press to focus on more than just the global financial crisis. World Bank President James Wilkinson is interviewed and Roy Osana reports (05:00-06:51)
5. Commonwealth Ministers launch an investment fund for the region. Darryl Dean reports (06:52-08:21)
6. Government in Dominica appears to be keeping out of the battle for control of the island's telecommunications market. Ken Richards reports from Rousseau (08:22-11:06)
7. In Guyana, court hearings into a petition challenging the results of last December's elections, continue today (11:07-11:42)
8. Inquiry into the police's handling of the murder of Stephen Lawrence is finally coming to an end. Paul Marks reports and Stephen's father, Neville Lawrence is interviewed (11:43-15:23)