Caribbean Report 19-01-2000



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2. A ruling from the U.S. Immigration Service requiring the return of Elian to his father in Cuba triggered the launch of a Federal law suit by lawyers representing the Cuban family of the boy residing in Florida. The 6 year old is the centre of “political and diplomatic tussle with the U.S. government and the relatives of his mother”. (00:28-03:23)
3. WIBDECO can expect to continue shipping the fruit of The Growers’ Associations in St. Vincent and Grenada and the Marketing Corporation in Dominica. WIBDECO officials are frustrated by the insistence of the St. Lucia’s Banana Corporation to sell its fruit directly to GEEST. (03:24-06:56)
4. 22 names on the voters’ list are being investigated by electoral officials in Dominica because they are not residing in the constituencies where they are registered to vote. . Election will be held in January with over 60, 000 voters eligible to vote. 06:57-07:41)
5. The UK supermarket giant, Sainsbury, is planning to intensify its agricultural presence in Grenada. The rationale is the lack of organic produce in the region. Some are seeing this as a corporate invasion. Sainsbury is widening its interest in bananas due to the favourability of Grenada not being so much a hurricane prone island and the availability of adequate uncultivated agricultural lands. (07:42-09:32)
6. Britain’s Ministry responsible for trade is encouraging more Black and Asian business ventures in the UK to consider trade and investment in the Caribbean. The idea is that businesses launched by people of Caribbean origin living in the UK could make more trade- ins in the Caribbean. This initiative was launched in London by CARITAG (Caribbean Trade Advisory Group) (09:34-11:20)
7. The American dream continues to elude so many immigrants to US shores. For many African-Americans living the good life has been more than a nightmare. Many black folks find it hard to obtain loans or mortgages while many white Americans borrow more than before. (11:21-14:27)