Casking Trinidad Oil




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W.A. Bonyun and Co., San Fernando


In this vintage photograph an oil worker is manually operating an oil pipeline, which may be directly linked to an oil derrick. He seems to be controlling the flow of oil in the pipeline via the lever in his right hand and individually filling casks or barrels with oil off the large pipeline. One can just imagine him turning off the pipeline when the current barrel is full, detaching it from the pipeline, rolling away the cask, rolling the next cask to be filled into place, reattaching the pipeline to that barrel, filling it and so on. This process may be what is referred to in the title of this postcard as, casking oil.


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Trinidad and Tobago, Postcards, Petroleum industry and trade--Trinidad and Tobago, Barrels--Trinidad and Tobago, Petroleum refineries--Trinidad and Tobago, Oil industry workers--Trinidad and Tobago