Caribbean Report 05-02-1999



Table of Contents

1. Headlines with anchor Emma Joseph (00:25)
2. The newly installed Grenadian parliament opened with a noticeable lack of opposition following the New National Party retention of all fifteen seats in the recently held general elections. Dr. Keith Mitchell comments on the role of his new government in being responsive to public opinion and opening avenues of communication to allow for public opinion to guide policies and formulate legislation. He views non-governmental organisations as having a critical vital role in reviewing draft legislation before this is brought to parliament. Lew Smith reports (00:26 - 02:40)
3. Carol Orr reports on the preconference meeting of the 9th annual G15 summit in Jamaica. Heads of Member States, Chamber of Commerce and business entrepreneurs from seventeen developing nations meet with hopes of influencing economic policies, promoting trade and export, establishing bilateral agreements and adopting taxation treaties. Jamaica’s Minister of Commerce and Technology Philip Powell speaks on collaboration and cooperation within the G15 to address the challenges of globalisation. The Malaysian Trade Commissioner sees tangible benefits of the trade shows at G15 summits and comments on Malaysia expanding trade with Jamaica and the rest of Caribbean (02:41 - 04:55)
4. Venezuela new elected President Hugo Chavez delayed his inauguration parade by one day to coincide with the seventh anniversary of his attempted coup in 1992. He also announced the reactivation of two elite units disbanded after his failed coup. Emma Joseph reports (04:56 - 08:19)
5. African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Group of States call for changes in current relationship with their governments and direct access to funding from the European Union. President of the Saint Lucia Chamber of Commerce Thomas Roserie supports this initiative and makes an appeal for direct partnership with government and private sector in negotiations with the EU as this will ensure that all stakeholders are adequately represented. He also reiterates the need to bring all ACP private sectors under one umbrella body (08:20 - 10:15)
6. Nelson Mandela presided over the opening of South Africa parliament for the final time as President. Jeremy Vine reports on the formal opening ceremony where Mr. Mandela staunchly defended his government efforts to get power, water and phone lines to poorer areas, reduce crime and oppose implementing the death penalty (10:16 - 12:16)
7. Trinidadian broadcaster Trevor MacDonald has admitted to the British tabloid the Daily Mirror that his real name is George due to an error by his father during the registration of his birth. Emma Joseph interviews Comedian Paul Keens Douglas on this mishap and erroneous change in name (12:17 - 15:21)